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Note:1.For type recognition,series is expressed by three digits,that is:the first letters CA represent tantalum capacitors,3rd digit represent series No., in case of no 3rd digit for specific product series,it is expressed by symbol”一”.

2.Capacitance code:expressed in picofarad ,1st two digits represent significant figures and 3rd digit represents multiplier(number of zeros to follow)

3.Capacitance tolerance code is listed as follows:
Allowable Tolerance% Tolerance Code Allowable Tolerance% Tolerance Code
± 0.1 B +100             -10 H
± 0.25 C +100             -10 R
± 0.5 D +50              -10 T
± 1 F +30              -10 Q
± 2 G +50              -20 S
± 5 J +20              -20 Z
± 10 K   +Not specified   -20 N/A
± 20 M    

4.Rated DC voltage Code is expressed in three digits,if voltage value is only two digits,1st digit is expressed in ”0”.

5.Case Code is specified in specification sheets of the individual product series.

6.Packaging Code:B:Bulk

            T : Tape and Reel


   EX:Series CA45Δc/c±20%,35V10μF, Taped and Reeled, XRCA-45106M035DT

          Series CAΔc/c±20%,10V10μF, Bulk,XRCA-106M0102B

          Series CA301Δc/c±20%,100V10μF, Bulk,XRCA-301106M1001B

7.For special order,other part number can be specified by users.